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How to Login to Zyxel Router? Finding IP, Default User and Password

In the case of Zyxel routers, it is better to go with the wired connections. The presence of wires helps in maintaining a strategic distance from unexpected instances like getting logged off while saving changes. While getting to know all about Zyxel router login, learn more about the other aspects which are as important.

Getting started

Opening up your internet browser, type the IP address of your Zyxel router in the location bar. To find it, look for it on the back of your router.

You will see a dialog box appearing. Enter the default username and password of your router on the administrator board. If you do not wish to use your own username and password, you have the option of selecting one of the default passwords already provided for Zyxel passwords.

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Using Zyxel Switch As Access

Firstly, open the web-interface. Then in the second step, type in the IP address on the search bar.

Step 1. Follow this carefully. Go to configuration> Objects > AP Profile > SSID > Security List. Now, snap on the ‘Include’.

Step 2. At this point, try setting up the Security Profile’s name. Now select the security code which you need to use. Pay heed to the security standard units to make it safer. Though it is recommended that you use WPA2 which would make it very strong and difficult to crack.

Step 3. Now, you would need to locate the SSID List. After finding it, tap on the Add button.

Step 4. This stage will require you to set up the SSID-Profile’s name. Subsequently, enter the name of the name of the remote system with which you will require you to later communicate on.

Step 5. Moving further, select on the Security-Profile. This is the profile which you made in Step 2.

Step 6. You will now have to go over Configuration. Select Wireless and then AP Management.

Step 7. Finally, on the primary and the secondary radio, Radio 1 and Radio 2, respectively, select the SSID.

Resetting Zyxel Routers

There are times when despite your best efforts, you are not able to log in to your router. It is most likely because you end up using an inappropriate username or password. To avoid this, it would be wise to make a note of both the things after you have altered them from the previous default provided at installation time.

Do you think that there could be a possibility where you may have overlooked the password? If so, then you can try to make a decent attempt to reset your router login again. All you need to do is to press and hold the little dark button. You will find it at the back of the router. Do this for about 10 seconds and then release. This command will help to reset your router back to the factory settings. But at the same time, it means that any pre-set password would be no longer viable. You will only be able to use the default password which earlier came with the router.

Router Login

In case you find the login page not stacking, you need to make sure that the gadget you are using connects with the WiFi. Along with that, you should also check that the router IP address is appropriate as the default one previously.

In some scenarios, pages start having issues in stacking. Sometimes, there are issues related to internet speed. Or else, if you are using an alternate IP address, it may further slow down the opening of the page. In case if you are still unable to open the page, then you should confirm the IP address router list. Try to find the correct one of all the other addresses listed out carefully. Looking at the bottom of your router can be helpful to find your IP address. Usually, you can find it on the sticker with the router details.

Now, using an ethernet link, try opening up the router interface to your PC. The LAN port and the ethernet port need to connect through a single ethernet link. The modem’s ADSL link will go inside the wan port of the router.

Steps to follow

1. Enter the IP address of your router on your browser. As per the default, the IP address, right now as you see, would be

2. You will see a login page. Here, you will need to enter your username and password.

3. As for the username, type “Administrator” and for the password, keep something easy, like 1234. This is the default password for Zyxel router anyway, so it would be easy for you to set it up by all yourself.

4. With this, you will be able to sign in pretty easily. You will now face a page which will be about the router-based arrangement wizard.

5. After finishing up, head over to “Support”. Try locating the “User Account”. Type the current password and subsequently, choose a different password to set it as the new password which you will use from now on.

6. Lastly, after having set your new password, click on the “apply” so that the new changes can be executed.

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Login Password Reset for Zyxel Router

The following guidelines are a step-by-step process to help you through the complete process of password evolving. You will note that there are two types of organization interfaces for Zyxel ADSL CPEs. Also, their password changing methodology is a little extraordinary.

1. Open a web browser on your computer. Now, type in your switch IP address on the URL field. If you have not changed it previously, you can use the default IP address, i.e. ( to log in.

2. At this stage, you will need to login to your gadget with the new password. In case if you have not made any changes ever before, then, you can log in with the default username and password (1234).

3. After finishing login, go to the Maintenance. Type the new password in the appropriate field as you have chosen. Type it again in the field “Confirm Password”. Moving further, click on the “Save”.

4. Finally, after you are done saving the new password, you will need to re-login with the new password which you just created. With this, your new password will be effectively reset.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have not changed my ID or password for Zyxel ever, then what would be my login details?

For this case, Fios has a default login ID and password. This is already set for the router. To log in, you can use the following details.

Username: 1234
Password: 1234
IP Address:

Is it possible for me to change the default password which is provided with the router?

Yes, that is very much possible. After you have successfully logged in once, you can change the password present at that time without any hassle. As a matter of fact, it is a strong recommendation to do so as anyone can look up the default password and can try to misuse it for personal use. At the same time, it is extremely important that you are choosing a strong password which is hard to guess. Ideally, it should have letters, numbers, special characters, and at least one letter of an uppercase and lowercase each. You need to ensure that you keep this password away from prying eyes, safe and sound somewhere so that you can use it for any future references. As a precautionary measure, do not share the password with anyone else.

What if I have more questions about my login or router?

For something like this, it is usually best to directly contact the Zyxel personnel about it. If you wish to reach out to them, contact them at the following to voice your concerns for the best possible solution.

Phone: 800-245- 9299
Email: premiumservices@zyxel.com


There are a lot of digital threats which can bring in tricky situations. Therefore, as a protective measure, we recommend our clients to change their gadgets and WiFi usernames and passwords in short while to maintain better security. If you have any questions or observations, you can leave them below.