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How to Xfinity Router Login? Finding Default User, Password, IP

In recent years, Xfinity has been able to set its line of routers. If you already have considered going for this brand that designs aesthetic-looking routers, we have got some more things for you. This is a quick guide for your Xfinity router login. And just not that, this will also help you to get to the admin interface for configuration of information like your current password and login or SSID.

In this piece about Xfinity Router Login, we will begin by helping you to configure your router in just mere seconds for your security. With the troubleshooting guide below, you can save yourself from all the anxiety. Ensure that you are logging in to your router’s web interface with the steps below as soon as you plug in your router. In case you have a different router, you can check on the login details in routerlogin.net.

All About Comcast Xfinity

If compared, Comcast Xfinity turns out to be one of the biggest internet service providers in the United States. Just not their internet packages; they rent out their routers as well. It is highly beneficial when you do not have a stand-alone router and would like to rent one. Along with that, they allow their consumers to use routers from other brands as well. Some of the top notches in this category are Netgear, Motorola Arris, and Xfinity’s routers themselves.

When you avail yourself of an internet plan, Xfinity Wireless Gateway 3 is the router you will get.

How To Login in Xfinity Router?

Required Time: 5 minutes

These are the simple steps to log in to your Xfinity router without any hassle.

1. Connecting your device to the router 
For this, we recommend you use a wired connection, especially if you are using a laptop. This will help you to have a secure connection.

2. Open a web browser on your device. Then, enter your router’s IP address.
You will be able to locate your IP address at the bottom of your router. As an alternative, you can also input the key as

To Note: There could be a possibility that your IP address may not load your Xfinity router’s web interface. In that case, you can then follow the following steps.

3. On the login page, for the username, enter ‘admin,’ and for the admin password, enter ‘password.’
If you have already personalized your router login with a username and password of your own choice, you can log in accordingly.

4. On clicking the login, you will see the router’s web admin homepage.
If you cannot log in with success, you should try to log in again. If your second try also happens to be unsuccessful, then there could be a possibility that your router may be hacked.

Just like you would do it with other wired or wireless routers, you access Xfinity router admin using or access it using After that, you will be able to access the smart setup wizard or any other router configuration details which would be related to the router or the internet connection.

Default Xfinity Router Login for WiFi Devices

Usually, when a consumer receives a router, it is the default in factory settings. The default Xfinity router login is ‘admin‘ for the default username and ‘password‘ for the password.

Just a Reminder:

Though, you need to ensure that you are changing the default Xfinity Router Login credentials before anyone else gets the chance to do it for you. Since it is a way that can reveal all your confidential information online, which may include your bank details and identification as well, we advise you to keep it very secure and safe.

How to Setup a Router?

Internet modem router signals

There are numerous instances of horrible identity thefts and hackings. Here is a foolproof way to prevent them by changing your router login credentials:

1. First things first, you will require to connect your device to the router. We recommend you use a wired connection while you do the router configuration. For this, you can check your ethernet cable.

2. After the connection gets completed, you will need to log in to your router’s web interface. For this, choose the web browser which has the default or your login credentials. If you face an unsuccessful login, you should try the login settings, which are already set on default.

3. Click Wizard on your router’s web homepage. Doing this will help to reach the router’s admin password change panel.

4. Now, you may be able to change your admin password. All you would require to do is enter the old and the new password. Make sure that you are making a strong password that is difficult to crack.

Resetting Credentials

There will be some situations that will result in you having to reset your router altogether. The reasons could be because:

  • Forgotten router admin credentials
  • Hacked router login credentials
  • Router error (Error 2123)

Since you will be able to address these problems pretty quickly, you should not worry about anything. If you need assistance in resetting your Xfinity router, then here it is:

Step 1. Firstly, try to look for the tiny little button located at the back of your router.

Step 2. At this step, you should be looking for a thin and long object which you can use to press it. You can use a safety pin, a hairpin, or even the pointed tip of a paperclip for this purpose.

Step 3. Now keep pressing it for a good 15-20 seconds. In the process, you will see that the LED lights will begin to blink.

Power Cycling: A Reset Prerequisite

The method of power cycling involves electrical devices which are turned off or plugged out. This is extremely helpful in refreshing the device’s RAM or internal memory, especially when there is too much data or occasional overheating.

Following are some of the benefits of power cycling on your Xfinity router:

1. If you wish to bring your router back in its optimal condition, then power cycling or reboot can help a lot.

 2. When you notice that you have a slow to no internet connection, you should try to turn it off for just a few seconds. After some time, try to turn it back on again. This step will help the router refresh its built-in RAM and re-transmit data after being plugged in.

3. Also, did you know that a power cycle in a week can help prolong the life of your router? Like any other machine, you should give it some rest from time to time as it gets tired.

Performing power resets is possible on routers of other brands as well. You can read up on our guides for TP Link Router Login and Orbi Login for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

What is a default Xfinity router login?

Most commonly, a consumer receives a router in factory default settings. In such cases, the default Xfinity router login is ‘admin’ for the default username. For the default password, it is kept relatively simple and easy as ‘password.’

How can I reset my Xfinity router login?

1. The first step is to look for the tiny button you will find at the back of your router.
2. Find a long and thin object which you would be able to press. For this, the tip of a paper clip or a hairpin is perfect.
3. Finally, you need to press the button for a good 15-20 seconds. The LED lights will begin blinking in the process.

What is a Comcast Xfinity router?

When it comes to Comcast is one of the biggest internet service providers in the entire United States of America. They rent their internet packages and their routers too. You can rent the routers if you do not have a stand-alone router.


We sincerely hope that through this article, we were able to help you configure your Xfinity router. It proves to be very helpful and useful to handle router errors without the help of a professional. Not only that, it can even help you to save on both money and time. If you wish, you can also check out the login details of other routers from our RouterLoginOnline.com.