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How to login to ? is known as the local, private, or gateway network that is considered the head of your network. The IP address is used to let internet-capable devices connect to the router and access the router’s interface. However, to log into the router with a IP address, you need to follow certain steps:

  1. Connect one end of an Ethernet cable into the internet port of the router and the other end into the Ethernet port of your computer.
  2. You can also connect your computer with the router’s network wirelessly.
  3. Open a web browser on your computer and enter the IP address of your router in the address bar, which you can find on the back of your router. If that address is not letting you access the router admin page, then get the router manual to check the right IP address. The IP address listed as the default gateway is the correct IP address.
  4. Now, enter the default username and password of your router to access the router’s admin panel. You can take the help of experts to find out the right combination of username and password for accessing the router’s admin panel.

If you can find the correct credentials, then that’s great, but if the credentials don’t work, then you should enter your router brand to determine the right login credentials.


If you are unable to log into your router’s admin page, then you might be entering the wrong credentials. Here is how you can troubleshoot this problem:

Forgot Login Password – If you can’t remember your router’s password, then you need to reset your router to factory defaults. For that, you need to press and hold the ‘Reset’ button given at the back of the router for around 10 seconds.

Router login page can’t load – If you are trying to access the router login page, but it isn’t loading up, then you need to check the internet on the device you are trying to open it on. You should also check the IP address, as there should be no spelling mistake in it.

Sometimes webpages won’t load due to less internet speed. In that case, your network is using a different IP address. You need to find the right IP address for your router. If you want to know which router brands use the IP address, then here is the list:

  1. 4G Systems
  2. Amit
  3. Asante
  4. Cyfre
  5. Level One
  6. Ovis Link
  7. Pro Li Nk
  8. Radia
  9. Us Robotics