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Configuring a router is a one-time process, which is why most internet users have no idea how to log into the web interface of the router using the IP address. If you have a router whose interface opens after entering in the address bar of your web browser, then you should know how to perform router login via 192.168.2.l. Try to enter it without using autocomplete.

When you enter the correct login IP address, you will see the option to enter your username and password. By default, both username and password are set to ‘admin’, but in case, you have changed the credentials and are now unable to recall them, then you can follow the below-mentioned instructions to recover them.


While it is very easy to log into the router, but things go south when users come across error messages while logging into the router’s admin page. If you are also not able to get the desired page after entering in the address bar, then here is how you can fix the problem.

There are two reasons for this error to occur:

  1. The router is offline, hence can’t connect to the internet network.
  2. A technical problem has occurred that has rendered the router inaccessible.

How to fix the problem of not being able to log into the router?

There are certain questions you need to ask and find answers to. These include:

Is The Ethernet Cable Connected?

Check if the connection between your router and modem is properly made with an Ethernet cable or if you have connected the router with the device. The cable must be properly connected and shouldn’t be damaged at all.

Does Your Router Function Normally?

Check if your router is properly connected and all the important ports are working normally. If you see a red warning sign, then it means there is a problem with the port, so you will have to get a new router.

Reboot the router as the last resort

If you have tried everything but failed to have your router up and running, then you should reboot your router, which will reset it to its factory default settings.

To reboot your router, follow these steps:

  1. Take off the Ethernet cable from the back of your modem and router.
  2. Take off the power cable from the router as well.
  3. Do the same with your computer, if you are on a wired connection.
  4. Turn on the router now and then, turn on your computer followed by modem.
  5. Connect the router to your computer, but you will realize that the router can’t only reset its IP but also reset the IP of any device connected to the network.

How to perform router login using IP address?

For all the newcomers, is a private IP address that is used to access the admin page of many top router brands. If your router is not properly configured or you want to change its certain settings, then you should type in the address bar of the web browser of the device you are connected to the router in the discussion. Then, you need to enter the default username and password to sign in to the admin console and make the required changes.

Here are the routers works for:

  1. Airlink 101
  2. Belkin
  3. Edimax
  4. Tenda
  5. SMC

Note – When trying to perform router login for Belkin or Edimax router, you must have the right information to access the router settings and configure its authorization pattern.