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192.168.I.254 is among the most popular router login IP addresses but is not the correct one. Courtesy of the auto-complete feature that has become quite prevalent on search engines, most internet users end up replacing ‘1’ in the IP address with ‘I’ without realizing it, resulting in an error at the time of loading the page. The router’s admin panel page won’t load with the wrong IP address. To fix the problem, people just need to replace ‘I’ in 192.168.I.254’ with the number ‘1’ and they can access the router’s login page without any issue.

Common Misspellings

If you come across any error while entering the aforementioned IP address, then that could be due to a spelling mistake. Read the below-mentioned information to ensure that you enter the right value.

Incorrect: 192.168.I.254 | Correct:

Incorrect: http://192.168.I.254 | Correct:

Incorrect: https://192.168.l.254 | Correct:

Incorrect: 192.168.l.254 login | Correct: login Login Steps

To be able to access the IP address, you need to make sure that the device you are trying to open the IP address is connected to the internet provided by your router. Once you’ve ensured that, you can follow these steps: - Default IP Address
  1. Enter that IP address in your web browser’s address bar. Make sure to enter the correct spellings to avoid errors. The right IP address is, so make sure not to enter 192.168.I.254, as it won’t open anything.
  2. As the router’s admin page opens, enter your router’s default username and password. Most of the time, the username will be ‘admin’ and the password field will be blank, but if you have changed the credentials, then you need to enter those.
  3. Once you’ve successfully logged into the admin page, you can change the router configuration the way you like. But, make sure to note down default settings or last working settings just in case something goes wrong with the new configuration settings.

Common Settings Involving

Reset Router

If you can’t configure your router, then you will have to reset it. For that, you need to press the tiny reset button given at the bottom or back of the router. Press it using a sharp object, be it a pen or paperclip. Press the button for 15-30 seconds to reset the router to default factory settings. This will erase all the previous settings on the router.

Change Router Password

As you log onto is change your username and password to protect your router’s configuration by not letting hackers change the network settings. However, make sure to note the password somewhere safe to easily access it in case you forget it.

Configure Advanced Options

You also have the option to configure various other settings of the router such as setup firewall, open ports, and perform several other customizations via the router’s admin page. You will find many options on the menu, so you can click the option that you wish to change.

Router Brands That Have As Their Default Login IP Address

Deemed as a standard IP address, is reserved for private networks. This IP address is used by many top router brands, which include the following:

  1. Abocom
  2. Alcatel
  3. Billion
  4. 3Com
  5. Linksys