Home » is the default IP address used by many router brands. 192.168.o.1 login can be used to access the setup page of your router to configure all the wireless and security settings of the router.

Default username and password combinations you can try for 192.168.o.1

Username – admin | Password – admin

Username – admin | Password – password

Username – *empty* | Password – admin

If these combinations don’t work, then you should try to look in the default router passwords list. You can find login details in your router manual. If you can’t find your router’s password, then you will have to factory reset the router to recover the password.

What is IP?

This IP address is used by routers to manage all the settings including, updating firmware, changing SSID settings, creating a guest network, and more.

If the default gateway of your router is, then you can quickly log into your router’s admin panel.

Router Login (Features)

You can change many things in your router once you gain access to the router’s configuration page:

SSID Settings

Changing Wi-Fi name, passwords, guest Wi-Fi, and its credentials in a few steps. You can also change security modes like WPA|WPA2 from SSID settings.

Security Settings

Make your wireless network more secure by creating a strong password, turning off WPS, and monitoring connected devices.

Access Control

You can also manage who access the internet by setting up parental controls. You can restrict the internet access of your kids.

Guest Network

You can create a guest network to have your guests access your internet network without you having to share your Wi-Fi password.

Firmware Update

Routers receive firmware updates from time to time, and you can install all those updates from the router’s console.


You can also view all the crucial information related to your router that including serial number, software, hardware, data usage, wireless statistics, and more. – Login

Make sure to enter the default IP address of your router, i.e., correctly to avoid any issue. If this IP is not the default IP address of your router, then find the one after taking the help of our experts.

Router Login (Requirements)

Login IP Address

Check the IP address you have entered because the wrong IP address will take you nowhere. Enter or carefully in the address bar, but if you are not able to login with these IP addresses, then take the help of experts to find the correct IP address for your router.

Internet Connection

Make sure the device you are using to log into the admin panel of your router is connected to that router’s network only. If it is connected to any other network, then you won’t be able to open the admin page.

Login Credentials

Make sure you know the login credentials for your router. If you’re not, then you can look up in the router’s manual or into the passwords list for major router brands.

How To Login

Once you ensure that all the aforementioned requirements are fulfilled, you can proceed to the router login process using

  1. Launch a web browser on your device and enter ‘’ in the address bar.
  2. You’ll be directed to a new page where you will have to enter a username and password. Enter the details carefully and click the ‘login’ button.
  3. You are now successfully logged in, and if you are, then you will see all the information related to your router and wireless network.

Once you log into the router admin console successfully, you can easily manage your router and its wireless network settings. You can change your default admin password, SSID name, default gateway, wireless password and manage who accesses your Wi-Fi, restrict users, and much more.

192.168.o.1 & 192.168.0.l

Many users get confused with the default IP address, as they see lots of similar IP addresses on the web. Check out the below list to avoid any confusion when entering the default IP address:




192.168.o.l | 192.168.0.l

FAQs for 192.168.o.1 Login Users

What Are My Router Login Credentials?

The first place to look for your router’s credentials is the manual given along the router. You can go through the default router passwords list for all router brands. If you are unable to find the login credentials, then you can perform a factory reset to change all the settings to default.

How Can I Change My SSID Settings?

Once you log into the router admin panel successfully, then you can go to the ‘wireless section’ and access all the settings related to the wireless connection. You can configure SSID and guest Wi-Fi settings, change Wi-Fi name and password, encrypt type, auth mode, security, and more.

Why My Router Login Page is Not Loading?

There could be two reasons why your router login page is unable to load. The IP address you’ve entered is incorrect, or the device you are trying to log into the router’s admin page is not on the same network as your router.

How To Find My Login IP Address?

You can find this information in the router’s manual, but if you can’t find the login IP address in the manual, then you will have to take the help of experts.

How To Change My IP Address?

The IP address can be changed via a private LAN setting. Go to basic LAN settings to find an option to edit the IP address of your router. This step will also change your login IP address, and then, you will have to log into your router’s admin panel using a new address.

How To Factory Reset My Router?

You can easily perform a factory reset of your router. To reset your router to factory settings, press the recessed ‘Reset’ button using a pointed object such as a pen or paperclip. Now, press and hold the reset button on the router until you see all the lights on the router start blinking.

That concludes the router login process using the IP address. For any issue related to the login process, have a word with the router experts.