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Do you want to change the password of your router, or change other settings to improve the performance of your network? Then, you need to find the correct default gateway through which you can access the router’s admin panel. If your router uses a IP address, then here is how you can log into your router’s admin panel.

Find Your Router’s IP Address

If your router address is, then you can type this in the address bar to access the admin page of your router. However, if you don’t know the correct IP address, then here is how you can find it.

  1. On your computer, you can go to the ‘Start’ menu and open ‘Command Prompt. Now, enter ‘ipconfig’ and hit ‘Enter’. You will see a lot of information on the screen, then scroll down to ‘Local Area Connection’ and find the IP address labeled as ‘Default Gateway’.
  2. You can also check the IP address by going to ‘Network and Sharing Center’ on your computer. Open the panel and click on the ‘Connections’ tab followed by checking its details. Check the IPv4 Default Gateway column to see the correct IP address.
  3. If you are using a Mac computer, then the procedure to find the IP address is by going to the utility window with ‘netstat command’ or under ‘system preferences’.
  4. On a smartphone, you can click on ‘Advanced Properties’ to find the correct IP address.

How To Log Into Your Router?

  1. Once you find the IP address of your router, you need to enter it in the address bar. Enter ‘ in the address bar and you will see the router admin page login screen.
  2. Now, enter the username and password for logging into the router admin console. If you have changed user credentials previously, then try to remember it. Enter the details and you shall access the admin panel of your router and make changes to its settings.

How To Troubleshoot And Reset Router?

If you can’t log into the admin page of the router, then here is what you should do:

  1. The router and device you are trying to open the admin panel should be on the same network.
  2. Enter the correct IP, i.e., or, or in the address bar. Make sure to use 1 at the last instead of small case L or upper case I.
  3. If you have changed the default password and are unable to recall it now, then you should reset your router by pressing the ‘reset’ button given at the back or underneath the router with a pointed object such as a pen or paperclip.
  4. If the admin page still does not load, then you should use a different web browser or delete cache and cookies.
  5. If none of the above solutions work, then ask an expert to check your router. IP Address

Each computer has a unique IP address through which it is recognized. There is a public IP address, which everyone using the internet can access, and then, there is a local IP address that is assigned by your router to every device connected to it. The local IP address can’t be accessed by everyone on the internet, but only the devices that are connected to the network provided by the router. is among the common private IP addresses used for business networks. This IP address is also the default IP address of many routers.

When To Use The IP address

This IP address is used as the default IP address of several routers. As you access the router’s admin page, you can do a variety of things from opening up ports to setting up a firewall and assigning a primary device where all your messages will be received.

IP Address Conflict

If you have installed multiple routers at home, then chances are they may have the same IP address. When you try to log into the admin page of a router, then you may end up being on the admin page of another router. To prevent this from happening, ask your ISP to create a static IP address for your computer to prevent conflict with other IP addresses.

Also, avoid any typing errors when entering the IP address in the address bar. Enter carefully, as only then, the router’s admin page will load properly.

Manufacturers Using IP Address

Here are the companies whose routers use to access the admin page.

  • Aztech
  • Arris
  • I-connect
  • Cisco
  • SMC
  • Technicolor
  • Intelbras
  • RFNet